Systems Analysis & Engineering

Oasys provides expertise in a variety of technical disciplines including Enterprise Architecture, Systems/Software Engineering, Systems Integration, and Service Delivery.

Our Systems Engineers are experienced in improving the efficiency of government organizations specifically by identifying system deficiencies and providing corresponding solutions. They evaluate the organization to determine what systems exist, how the systems work, and what the projected risks are.

Our Enterprise Architects are dedicated to helping clients meet the objectives of their organization by aligning the technology portfolio with business drivers in an efficient manner. They take into consideration the organization’s business model, internal structures, governance models, and performance management when establishing an enabling technology platform that can broadly support the organization. Our government clients rely on us to enable effective business and IT alignment that leads to greater innovation and agility.

Our methods are grounded in best practices and have been refined by our experience supporting commercial organization in addition to Federal clients within the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities.

Our systems analysis and engineering capabilities include:

  • Architecture and Integration
  • Application of industry and government approaches, standard reference frameworks, and standard architecture reference models)
  • RiskVision Support